Oops, I forgot to eat


I hyper-focus. Sometimes hyper-focus is my salvation (e.g. deadlines). Other times it is…not so healthy. When I’m in my zone, the dryer buzzes, the dog scratches at the door, I need to go to the bathroom, but my head is oblivious to all.

Today, I forgot to eat. I looked up. I fumbled for my watch—ugh—it needs a new battery. Looked at the clock on the wall. (I have a clock on just about every wall in the house.) It was way past lunch time, and I was almost too weak to make myself food.

Tomorrow…maybe I will hyper-focus on food. And the dog will still be scratching at the back door.

One thought on “Oops, I forgot to eat

  1. So glad to hear I’m not alone. I don’t notice I’ve forgotten to eat until the dizzy, almost empty headedness has crept in to ruin my hyper focus.


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