Random thoughts on being…random

ionAugust and Maria Froh

My great-grandparents (on the left) probably had plenty on their minds, but they seemed to be a little more single-minded back then. Not sure how…they had twelve children! But then again, their last name was Froh, and froh, after all, is the German word for ‘glad’. We Froh descendents were always told that laughed a LOT.)

Back to my randomness topic…

My friend tells me that she has been called ADHD–albeit in an endearingly sort of way. The classroom teacher in me kicks in and I tell her she is most assuredly not! (Ahem…I, on the other hand, AM.)

I poke around into this ADD/ADHD topic a lot. Probably too much. Interestingly, there now seems to be a connection between ADD/ADHD and early Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN). Don’t take this as hard science. I’m not enough of an authority.

So, ADHD might be rooted in having your little-child emotions shut down (not letting you be too angry, too excited, etc.) On the flip side, ADD might be caused by just not getting noticed or validated enough when you were little. (Your emotions didn’t help you get what you needed, so you gave up trying.)

Anyway, I’m trying hard to take better care of myself. It makes me feel more “FROH!”

*See my Resources and Backstory pages for more.

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