The “Bored” of Education

2009 November Lucky 042

As kiddos are getting set to head back to classrooms soon, parents and teachers alike are bracing themselves for the words, “I’m bored!”

Thanks to Tiffany Watt Smith, writing in her “Book of Human Emotions: From Ambiguphobia to Umpty–154 Words from Around the World for How We Feel”, we get a little different perspective on boredom:

“There is no coincidence that many creative people, for instance the artist Grayson Perry and writer Meera Syal, have spoken of their own childhoods as immensely tedious.”A Fresh Look at Boredom,” Primary Leadership Today 13 (2008).

Anthropologist Ralph Linton has gone as far as saying that “the human capacity for being bored, rather than social or natural needs, lies at the root of man’s cultural advance.” The study of Man (Appleton-Century 1936), p. 90.

So, when we start to hear those words of the bored, maybe we should be saying something like, “Great! You are ready to create something BIG! Go for it!!!”


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