365 – or nothing

I recently bought myself a new laptop. Then, I had to figure out how to get it to work. All of my data was there, transferred over on the cloud. The operating system was there–but that was all. Just…there. The catch was that I couldn’t do anything with it, until I purchased the Windows 365 license. That was a relatively simple solution.  If your processor dies, however, you’re toast.

Running in the backgrounds of our conscious minds is processor of sorts– humming along and ready for action.  If everything went well from conception through birth, it is rather like a Mac: plug in and go. Some processors, however, have a few bugs that need TLC repair before they’re ready to function effectively.

Some of us have been allowed to maintain this appropriately-wired consciousness. (It happens through parents’ accurate and loving validation of its existence.) The work of parents is significant from the moment of conception onward.

For others of us, this level of consciousness has been snuffed out. Through punishment and/or emotional neglect, some have been forced to live with cobbled-together external drives, forced to make sense of our world via everyone else’s rules.  Our original processors have become toast. Our world looks like a mess of data without a central command.

Our inner consciousness was originally primed with the ability to detect our world and send us signals. We now call these signals “emotions”. There is no such word as “emotions” in the Bible. Instead, the Bible refers to “God in us”, the “mind of God”, etc. We humans are still struggling to define what emotions are and what purpose they serve. My personal, working belief is that emotions are our set of “inner signals” telling us if things are running smoothly and what to do to maintain the good working order of our conscious selves. In an entirely different thought-plane, I wonder whether they became necessary for survival–only after “sin entered the world”.

Operating systems can become gummed-up with all kinds of junk. It can take a mighty effort to clean it all away. On the flip side, life can be pretty sweet after a good cleaning.

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