Daily Prompt: Reach

via Daily Prompt: Reach


It is one of those typical moments: one person happy and content–the other–unsettled. There is no real motivation for the “happy and content” to do anything. Still, the simple act of reaching out can help settle the other.

Sometimes we go along, happily, independently, not really needing anything. Ironically and especially in those times, we are in a position of being able to help someone who might be gasping in the middle of a breathless moment. I just read about a mom who risked her life to save two others. She was in a position of strength, having trained to become an amateur triathlete, after narrowly escaping a fall off a cruise ship herself. Her new-found confidence and skill gave her the courage to plunge into the cold ocean current. She didn’t have to. She REACHED.

My father reached constantly. Farming requires non-stop physical exertion. He also reached out in ways that he didn’t have to. He was a peaceful man and could be content just “being”. Still, he took notice when one of the animals in his care showed distress. He actively reached. Helped. Did whatever he could with the skills he had.

Reaching is deliberate. An action. Something we can do for ourselves, if we need help. It is something we can offer to others, if we choose.

Reach. A choice.



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