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cats (2)

Hi! I would like you to met Occam and Inigo, my son’s cats.

Cats. Confused?  Never in their nine lives, that I’ve been able to tell!

Don’t you ever wonder how cats manage to escape this strange, human malady of CONFUSION?  (I am the first to admit that I sometimes desperately try to induce their calm karma to take a flying leap and purr my racing heart back to its rightful resting rate.)

My first guess is that *most* cats have never been subjected to the pilings-on of our thousands of years of human history and rules and religions and politics and media and…blah, blah, blah. Instead, they have been cuddled, fed, pampered, loved, and allowed to own all of their fears, foibles, and fun they can toss at us.

Whenever we humans can just breathe–whenever we can just sit with our emotions and enjoy them in all of their fury and fantasy, we give our emotions the power to work. Then we can bid them a fond and fleeting “good-bye”. When we recognize our emotions as benign and helpful signals rather than letting them freak us out, we can give them a nod of recognition, wave a little thank you to the evolutionary processes that have kept those emotional signals alive and well, and go our merry way. We can trust our emotional friends to guide within the “true north” of ourselves. Hint: our personal compasses serve us much better than everyone else’s.

The opposite of self-trust is not mistrust. It is despair.

If you are finding yourself feeling “beside yourself” and confused, I invite you to wander over to my other pages, browse the resources and take in a bit of my “Backstory”.

Life is a journey, and the best is yet to come.



One thought on “Confused

  1. I love this post. I just began taking up Yoga to help “unclutter” my mind from the daily issues I deal with. Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed I can’t sleep. I am learning to pace myself, deal with the things I can do, and pray about the rest. I’m looking forward to reading your other posts.


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