You are just wrong! (Uh…you’re not?)

Evil means UPPITY.

I was raised to believe there was an absolute distinction between right and wrong-good and evil: I was told, unequivocally, to choose, and choose correctly. I’ve thought for a long time that there was a little glitch in that line of thinking-it seemed like everyone had a different version of what was right and what was wrong.

Shocker alert: the original meaning of EVIL is–get this–uppity! Uh oh. So whenever I make a decision of what is right over what is wrong, that means that I’m making a judgement for right, and everyone else is wrong??? Doesn’t that mean that when I am thinking that I am better, for having chosen correctly, I am actually being uppity? Uh oh. I am the evil one???

My head is in whiplash mode! duel

Reprogramming My Judgmental World View

My spaghetti-brain started stirring itself into quite a knot. Here I am in all of my knotty-ness. Uhhhh….naughty-ness?

  • The old Adam and Eve story was simply people deciding they were better than someone?
  • So…when I start thinking other people might be bad–that’s why I suddenly feel like hiding–because I might be bad? (Hello SHAME. I need some clothes.)
  • Now I’m ashamed and I can’t look people straight in the eye. I don’t trust them. They probably don’t trust me. (Hello prejudice and bigotry. And loneliness.)

Entertaining the Possibility of a World Without Judgment

  • Your’re not bad. Hey…then I’m not either.
  • We’re the same.
  • Now what?
  • We still have needs, but–maybe we can work something out.



I am not a licensed therapist and will never claim to be such. I am just a new retiree from the world of education, with the benefit of a lifetime of experience and a spaghetti-brain full of interconnected information (and a laptop!). Most importantly, I care.




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