Special Delivery: An Out-of-the-Box idea


Out-of-the Box thinking circumvents bureaucracy

I’ve never claimed to be an efficient logical thinker. Spaghetti-brained–yes. Pushing the envelope? Daily. Unrealistic possibility? Of course. But then, there’s this: we have an exhaust vent in our garage that keeps the ambient temperature inside similar to the outdoor temperature. (That is a rare occurrence in the Midwestern blazing sun, and the product my jumping-the-box crazy idea.)  We built a 14 x 22  sun-room once for which my husband designed a roof at my request: full sun in the winter; full shade in the summer. (Again, my jumping-the-box crazy idea.) Worked flawlessly.  They’ve been challenging projects and–fun akin to child’s play. Precedents? Not many that I’ve known.

I’m learning that my core feelings and instincts have been serving me quite faithfully. I’m probably also becoming bolder than what I’ve usually dared. Sometimes, quite amazing work gets done with many hands— hands with a sense of mission and selfless regard for recognition.

Here’s my wild “out-of-the-box” thought. After all, we’re a nation of do-it-yourselfers, right? And a great many of us have blazing-speed internet service with an incredible amount of information for resources and pooling our brain power.

The big “What If”

So, I’m asking you to suspend your current concepts of reality for a few minutes:

  1. What if we could wipe out the pain and cost of mental-health issues in America within one generation? (A $444 billion dollar per year cost, not to mention the emotional anguish.)
  2. What if the pain of impaired mental health is way more common than you thought? (You are not alone: 40 million Americans suffer–that is roughly one out of every five of us.)
  3. What if we stopped putting the burden of change on government entities and public education and raised awareness together? (What a victory we could claim!)
  4. What if we could do it simply by spreading the good news of what works–moving together for the good of generations to come?  (We have those tools through social media and the access to accurate and effective information.)
  5. What if family gatherings became real Leave-It-to -Beaver fun times, devoid of emotional hurts, blame, and fear of judgement?

If all that were possible, would you sign on?

…More to come…

Hope and hugs,


2 thoughts on “Special Delivery: An Out-of-the-Box idea

  1. I agree that this is the direction we need to be going. We put too much blame on individual bad actions, while we should be looking at prevention.

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