Listing. Yikes.

Hmmm. Is this leaning or listing?


I have always had issues with lists. One time a counselor suggested that I not use them at all, since they seemed to be causing me so much anxiety. (Not the best advice I’ve ever gotten!) There was also an annoying (for my husband) problem of me running into him when we were walking side-by-side.  I finally figured it out when I realized that I was constantly losing my balance on our treadmill. (A touch of scoliosis makes one of my legs seem shorter, so I list to the right.) We know better now; he always walks on my left side!

Lists are calling out to me again, so I might be wise to listen this time. Years ago, I had some success staying organized with the help of a book called Sidetracked Home Executives. Now, there is even a website! (Looks pretty good, if you ask me.) More recently, I had been ogling a friend’s cute little water bottle. When had I asked her where she’d found it, she told me about FlyLady. FlyLady, you ask? Do you have fifteen minutes? FlyLady’s mantra is that you can do anything for fifteen minutes. As it turns out, FlyLady and the Sidetracked Executive are now in cahoots.  (No worries, you can buy the fifteen-minute timer on her website.)

Tomorrow, I am going to get myself organized again. Professional List-Makers, beware! No judging allowed!!!




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