Assertiveness: Mirror + 1



The source for breaking through my wall:

Running on Empty by Jonice Webb

This post is going to be a departure from my usual blurb about emotional health. Since this is a journey-in-progress, you have gotten glimpses of the process of climbing out. Today is a turning point: I am moving into the topic of what to do once you have a sense of escaping the hole–to see what is above ground. My next series of posts might be of particular value for those interested in the world of bullying, power, and control: how bullies develop as well as how victims become vulnerable. We are going to be exploring what it means to be assertive, as well as how to avoid becoming aggressive.

I thought it would be fitting to use the daily prompt of mirror as a pivot point. If children are given compassionate mirroring by their parents to 1) know and be confident with who they are–complete with all of their gifts and human frailties–as well as 2) how to deflect attempts of others to control them, they have acquired essential tools for life.

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3 thoughts on “Assertiveness: Mirror + 1

  1. Thank you! ❤ I've gotten a bit sidetracked with the my topic of cycles of life and death, but needed to break into "cycling" before weaving in "assertiveness". I love YOUR blog. Such inspiration you share…leading to motivation! 🙂


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