Journalist’s Creed


Photo: The School of Journalism at the University of Missouri, Columbia

Public Trust: Caked in mud or washed in truth?

Who knows why ideas come together? The University of Missouri in Columbia has been coming up in topics of my conversations with various people the past few days—just random things, but connected to that University. Then, the year 1914–the year my father was born. 1914 was the beginning of WWI, for which we have a world-renown museum near my home.

Mulling this morning’s political headlines on my CNN app, the thought began burrowing deeper– the Creed of Journalism. I knew it existed, but shunning my high-school teachers’ attempts to push me into the world of writing, I didn’t really know it.

While looking for the Journalist’s Creed, I found a 2009 Nieman Reports article by Michael R. Fancher. The article explained that the creed was originally written in 1914 by Walter Williams. Williams founded the School of Journalism  in 1908 at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The full text of Fancher’s article can be found here. The full text of Walter Williams 1914 Creed of Journalism is here.

Back to my mulling: assuming journalists are still doing their best to adhere to Williams creed of serving the Public Trust, my question formed:

What are the journalists really trying to tell us?

Here are today’s political headlines from CNN:

Trying to save a starfish…



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