Christ was not a Christian

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Jesus broke the rules. He rejected many religious customs of the day. And yet he sat in Synagogues to listen and learn with discernment. He showed us what is possible if we open our minds to our source of love and consciousness right here. Within reach. It is so easy that babes can feel it. But humans want that control, so humans make it hard to get.

When the rules, the dogma, the isms, the church bureaucracies, the politics, and all of the man-made chaos has been stripped away, what remains is what Jesus so eloquently, passionately, and thoroughly gave us.

Whether you are a Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, Protestant, or someone who has shunned it

A church I visited in Kerala, India

all in favor of a greater spirituality, and if you are still reading here because this topic continues to press upon you, we have something essential in common. We are never going to give up until we have pushed aside all of the human debris of failed attempts to find meaning. We are reaching for the transcendent divine that we feel vibrating all around us.

Much of the Western world has attempted to throw the baby out with the bathwater, choking on organized religions’ attempts to impose control. What institutions have cloaked is the pure and incredible essence of life–God’s kingdom–right here.

When we understand that our home is with the consciousness of God, every breath we draw is significant. When we can feel our connection with each other and with the mind of God– learning, struggling together, breathing through all of our laughter and sorrows–we find our energy and strength. Death doesn’t matter. Status doesn’t matter. What matters is you and me together in God. And honestly, I’m really glad that I have you, because God is a big concept to hold on your own.

Today, I discovered The Shift. It is a  network of people on a joint mission to restore and activate the original message of Jesus. Many here in the world of blogging are moving in the same powerful current. It will take all of us learning together, connecting, and reaching to grow the pure message of Jesus that has become so unrecognizable.

It is our Labor Day of love.




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