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Test tubes in a laboratory

Miscues, mysteries, and losing ourselves via man-made scaffoldingl

Months have a way of gathering their own hanging chads–pings of delight, laughter, music, and grief. My September came early one year. The magical spark of life we were expecting about September 15 returned before we had realized. Twenty weeks of heartbeats, a few gentle movements, and then nothing. Memorial Day that year was awash at the lake. We’d planned a weekend with friends and were still able to go. One of the couples had a two-month-old babe. Watching the nursing couple ached down to my bones.

For reasons unknown, we seldom have conversations about miscarriages. Of course, we never get the chance to know these little souls who bravely tried to tackle the difficult–even arduous mission of life on this planet. So, there is not much to talk about, really. So many things must come together in elegant precision for the spark of life to occur. (Real sparks-check the link!) Still, one has to wonder why the missions abort.

What we see and what we don’t–the “woo woo” of things we cannot that be validated.

I am still reeling from the book I read last week, (Seeking Jordan). I have that link sprinkled throughout my blog site now. It changed everything. Nothing is final. Everything is just a process of finding out more about love. Catastrophes? A non-issue. Fears? Temporary. Love? Eternal. Hope? Renewed every day.

Miscarriages, miscues, mis-coding, and misinformation: MTHFR.

About two years ago, my doctor ran deep diagnostics after analyzing my cluster of symptoms: brain fog, anxiety, sleeplessness, fatigue, ADHD (inattentiveness), allergies, hypothyroidism, hypertension, arthritis, depression. The blood-work revealed that I had a little genetic mutation that handicaps my enzymes whose job is to metabolize folate. (Folate is essential for DNA methylation and thus for sustaining life.) The solution is usually taking folic acid which is prescribed in large quantities for pregnant women, but since my processors are defective, folic acid had been building up in my system to toxic levels.

After starting to take an active form of folate that my body didn’t have to break down in order to use, my symptoms subsided. It took about three months or so–the change was gradual.  I very rarely need pain medication now. Back then, just getting out of bed in the morning was excruciating. The brain fog is gone. (My bad habits…probably unaffected!) I can sleep. Easily! Anxieties dissipated. But the realization that my genetic mis-coding will live on is disturbing. Complications of MTHFR include everything that I mentioned, and also neural-tube defects, possible correlations with autism and Alzheimer’s, and–of course–the increased risks for miscarriage.

Progress? Or not!

Many chemical were used on the farm where I was raised: DDT, among others. Wheat is no longer wheat as our bodies once knew it. I avoid most wheat and dairy products now, and feel far better than I can ever remember. Besides, a diet without wheat or dairy makes cooking simple and dieting unnecessary.

DNA testing is easy and accessible these days–you can order a kit online. I’ve heard that the MTHFR mutation is one of the most significant discoveries of the human genome project. I would be interested to hear feedback from any of you who know more.

In the meantime, if you are planning to have children, it might be worth your while to check with your doctor. Folic acid works like poison if you have an MTHFR mutation. I have scoliosis. Our first-born has had four back surgeries. He is 33 years old and has been in pain since he was 20.

Parsimony: Occam’s Razor

An active folate supplement can reduce or even eliminate the need for a lot of expensive prescriptions, so I can’t image that the pharmaceutical industry would be very happy to have this information distributed. Capitalism is productive, but not always so loving.

Here are some mind-blowing websites about the affects of the MTHFR Mutations:

Incklings that there was a something amisssl:




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One thought on “Elegant Chemistry

  1. So glad you were able to learn a ‘simple’ reason for your brain fog and other symptoms and switch to the beneficial, active form of folate. I learned of this side affect of ‘regular’ folate supplements recently, and switched forms, too. With or without testing (I decided not to bear the expense), why run the risk of provoking any more confusion than I already grapple with?!? Also, temporarily switching to dairy and wheat-free (and alcohol free) diet this spring cleared my brain fog for me. Uh, huh, the brain fog returned when the wine, dairy and wheat did this summer. harrumph.

    I’m so sorry your little spark never got to see the light of your love. Deeply grateful I am.
    Love, Flo


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