Your Turn: Bullied? Manipulated? Hurting? Healing? Please share.


Please, please…zing us!

FindingBreathless has been paddling as fast the little duck feet could muster, heading toward a lily pad. (Truthfully, that lily pad has been covering up a soapbox podium, but you knew that, right?) Today, we’re climbing onto a lily pad and turning off our own microphones.  Today is your turn to be heard.

So much of what we experience in life seems to take thinly-veiled pleasure in splashing

Cedar Valley Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, Waterloo, Iowa

water in our eyes: dysfunctional families (who doesn’t have one of those?), fighting against institutional and cultural barriers, governmental bureaucracies, pressure to fit in, struggling to survive–gosh, all of it!

We’ve gathered resources (Starfish Mission), talked endlessly about loving babies well and empowering their baby-missions. We have pressed on with urgency, our message being that every one of us can benefit from knowing how to catch our breath and how to resupply when trauma of any kind has knocked the wind out of us. And yet, I fear that much this work, so far, has been a matter of preaching to the choir.

What is your story?

  • Where is your hurt?
  • How have you healed?
  • Where do you see hurt that is crying for relief?
  • What is your vision of linking arms to share messages of hope and healing?

Please, share your experience in comment section below.

Thank you! ❤ ❤ ❤



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