That’s just bully! (My radical request)


Help Wanted!

FindingBreathless is now a little more than a month old and is wanting to see and be seen–for the sake of all of our tiny people growing out of infancy and learning their most important lessons of life as they get ready for their first days of school.

My vision for this point of the journey is to gather a collection of brief accounts (no names attached unless you choose), so people can begin to recognize how pervasive bullying really is—as well as how easily it can be hidden or disguised. I think it is important to build a public awareness of red flags that differentiate bullying behaviors as being vastly different from compassionate behaviors.

Seemingly innocent comments like, “What’s it to you?”,  “Make me!”, name calling, whispering behind someone’s back, purposeful exclusion, etc. are often ignored. These are warning signs that the person is hurting and needs friendship and guidance. If these are passed over, aggression does nothing but grow to the point of choking out the good.

Raising Awareness

By raising awareness of signs that a bullying or hurtful personality is developing, intervention can begin before irreversible damage is done. By suspending judgment of the person (of any age) and addressing the hurts of both aggressors and victims, I believe that we can start to build a network of positive support, so that healing and joyful living can grow  (as opposed to hurt and violence).

What do you think? Do you agree? Do you see it differently? Would you be willing to take a few minutes to help? Call me crazy, if you want–for seeing this big picturebut I know that you are not crazy! What an amazing group of thinkers and writers we have here in the world of blogging! I am thankful for you every day.

Starfish Mission

If this is your first time visiting this site, I encourage you to browse through Starfish Mission. My hope for Starfish Mission is for it to exist as a conduit– providing and continuing to build entry points to access practical, credible resources for healing for various phases of life. I maintain that we need to prevent hurtful behavior and grow compassionate children before a child takes the first steps through school doors. To do this, we must reach an entire population-all of us–who influence children.

Would you be willing to write a brief paragraph explaining your experience of the effects of bullying? It is a symptom of mental hurt! You can reply in the comment section below, or e-mail me directly by tapping on the word HERE (below). If you would like your website included along with your response, simply include the link at the end of your message. My goal is to provide a page here on FindingBreathless that exposes the myriad red flags people use to call out for help.

More than Like?

Can you more than Like this, and carry it forward to Do this? 😉 Share your story HERE, to help stop the hurt.

Thank you!

Love, ❤ ❤ ❤




10 thoughts on “That’s just bully! (My radical request)

  1. ” I’m not sure if this is unusual or just normal?” –this is a powerful thing to consider, IMHO. I think we are *very* reticent to talk about our own experiences of being bullied. I wonder what would happen if conversations began there…at the points of hurt. I feel another post brewing. I’m sensing that this topic has the potential to develop into a healing place, and I would love to hear your thoughts, as would others, I’m sure. Thank you SO much for sharing your compassion. ❤ – Mira

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