Staying alive…


Let Gary Debate. (Or, please excuse me, my flag is showing.)

We have a family anecdote that has always reminded us to ask, “Why?”

As the story goes, every Christmas, Aunt Dora would carefully divide her ham into two parts before slipping it into the oven. When her daughter was old enough to ask why, Aunt Dora didn’t really know—it was what her mother had always done. Aunt Dora finally asked her own mother. “Oh, that was the only way I could get it to fit into my roasting pot.”

The Johnson/Weld Libertarian ticket is unprecedented—a new pot. They are common sense, dignity, steady courage, and an adjective seldom heard in politics: compassion. Let’s lift the lid off that old two-party pot: if you are polled, choose Gary Johnson. You’ve not committed your vote. What you will have done is allowed America to hope for something that we had presumed extinct: leadership that we wouldn’t mind our children emulating.

If you are polled, please help us all. Cast your poll vote for Gary Johnson. Let him debate. Let us learn. And think. That will give us a REAL chance to decide. Perhaps our old two-party pot could serve us better in a museum.

And please excuse me, my flag is STILL showing. 😉


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