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MiraLianna means peace vine. You’ll see why, soon.

For sixty-two years, I have been struggling to breathe with my own sense of purpose. It has been my mysterious anxiety.

  • Diagnoses: hypothyroidism, ADHD/Inattentive, depression, food sensitivies, and MTHFR (genetic mutation resulting in the reduced ability to effectively metabolize folate)
  • Childhood: severe emotional neglect resulting in Complex PTSD

Despite all of that, luck smiled on me thirty-nine years ago. I met and married an amazing Swedish-Norwegian guy almost twice my size–with a stoic grit and infinite patience. We’re still happy together, but it’s been a journey, believe me!

Our two analytically- and independently-minded sons have searched for and found their soulmates. And they have patiently (sometimes) borne the stories of my mission. We have three beautiful (of course) grandchildren and an adopted Brittany Spaniel, Lucky, who at the courageous age of 13, has now left us with amazing memories.cropped-2009-november-lucky-042.jpg

Never really understanding my mission, I have jumped in expectant passion from lily pad to lily pad. I have a degree in interior design. For five years, I wrote commercials, assembled program logs, and experimented with a variety of things in the broadcasting industry. I played full-time mom for the next fourteen. With future security in mind, I went back to school and got a master’s degree in elementary education. I jumped into full-time classroom teaching for my next twenty, tackling math, reading, social studies, science, and social skills in grades 3, 4, 5, and 6. Somehow, I have managed to still love golf, piano, writing, singing, and almost everything else that doesn’t involve stinging insects!

During those teaching years, I saw many students come to school with their plates full and their hug-buckets empty. Now, I have a new mission. I have realized that we not only need villages to raise children, but we also need to do a better job of raising our villages. As you well know, our children become what they see.

Starfish Mission is a work-in-progress, reaching out to like-minded people like you. Thank you SO much for visiting FindingBreathless. This is about learning to love better.

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