Meditation for Children


We already know that the parent-child bond can be locked into place by age 1, but as little ones start to pull away and exercise independence, I have wondered whether there might be a way to begin to teach children at a very early age how to begin to take over the task of calming themselves.

I asked whether it might be possible to teach very young children the fundamentals of meditation, and the answer I received was yes! 

“Parent-child bonding has a lot to do with touch and the feeling of calm love. Being a model of mindfulness from a very young age gives children a reference point for handling anxiety. At the ages of 1-2 yrs old, teaching them belly breaths.”

“When they are calm and happy, you will start to develop those mindfulness strategies so that when they go into a full 2 yr old melt down, you already have strategies in place. Consistent and a calm approach is essential.”