Starfish Mission

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This mission is simple, much like the starfish story. When a beachcomber was questioned as to why he was wasting his time throwing starfish into the sea when there were so many, he answered quite simply, “Each one matters.”

For each child whose little budding personality and mission can be recognized, validated,
and nurtured, our world will become one shining star brighter.

If you missed out on the childhood love you wanted, and this world feels like it is swallowing you up in a meaningless black hole, this page is for you.wormhole

If you are seeking a partner for life, this page is is for you.

If you are newly-married and looking forward to raising a family, this page is for you.

If you are raising children, struggling to balance it all for yourself, your partner, your family, your parents–this page is for you. In this crazy-busy stage of life, your spouse is your partner and lifeline. Now, when you feel like you have the least time, working toward a deeper marriage relationship may be your best possible use of your time.

If you are empty-nested, newly-empty-nested, newly-single, or just trying to find your greater purpose in life, this page is for you.

All my love, ❤ ❤ ❤







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