Best way to raise your baby? 266 days before birth.

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Earlier today, I published a post about making friends with ADHD/ADD. You won’t find a lot on this website about school-age children–an intentional decision  on my part. There is an abundance of resources about what to do after a diagnosis. This is about prevention. Evidence is mounting that there may be a lot you can do to minimize your chances of having to use those resources. It makes sense, actually. If you know anything about genetic expression, you know that our DNA adapts for survival. That means that eggs and sperm have learned things even before they meet up. They might already be genetically wired with alerts for fear, danger, and anxiety. Even if that is the case, even if you have had a rough go of life in your early years, that doesn’t mean your children will be doomed to repeat the pain you experienced.    Continue reading “Best way to raise your baby? 266 days before birth.”