Assertiveness: Authentic-Self + 3



Finding it hard to recharge?

People who end up making life-choices based on someone else’s ideals and values tend to burn out and become depressed much faster than those who follow their heart. We come into this world fully equipped for our purpose, and if we are allowed to follow that purpose–leading from our natural source of energy within us–we have a perpetual-motion machine that can feel like heaven on Earth. Although sleep is still required! If we are constantly trying to live up to others’ expectations, we smash together our frustrations, anxiety, and anger inside until it becomes a giant, knotty problem–and exceedingly difficult to unravel. (My Starfish Mission page explains.)

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20 Minutes In Front of the Lunch Meat Counter…


This is my version of a sandwich with lunch meat. Honestly, I usually bypass that section of the processed meats.

Last week was an anomaly. The switch happened because I have been doing my best to put into practice the delicate art of really seeing people–trying to meet them on the common ground where their emotions are taking them and where I can be a source of empathy.

A lady who seemed about my age (I’m early sixty-ish) seemed to be in a quandary as I was on my way to the bacon. (I didn’t say that I was a purist about process food!) The way she was studying all of those choices propelled me into make a friendly comment–something like, “Gosh, the choices can just seem overwhelming sometimes, can’t they?”  Continue reading “20 Minutes In Front of the Lunch Meat Counter…”